• Riders

    • Bicycle with water bottle(s)

    • Helmet

    • LEU Jersey(s)

    • LEU Jacket

    • Riding Shorts (If you are not wearing the LEU shorts, they MUST be plain black – 2 pairs recommended)

    • Bicycle Socks (3 pairs recommended)

    • Bicycle Shoes

    • Rain Gear

    • Cycling Gloves

    • Eye Protection/Sunglasses

    • Butt Butter

    • Plastic bag to protect your ID and cash if it rains

    • Multi-tool for minor bike adjustments

    • Flat Repair Kit (Optional)

  • Support

    • LEU T-Shirts (Returning members only)

    • LEU Jacket (Returning members only or if you ordered the black Primal support jacket this year)

    • Any shorts/capris/pants are acceptable during the ride

    • New Support Members – your t-shirts and blue jackets will be given to you at registration

  • All Members

    • ID Card

    • Agency Credentials (if applicable)

    • Cash and/or Credit Cards

    • Medical/Insurance Cards

    • Walking Shoes

    • Casual clothes for the evenings of the ride

    • Casual clothes for D.C.

    • Toiletries

    • Medications (if required)

    • Pain Reliever

    • Cell Phones/Chargers

    • Camera

    • Sunscreen

    • Agency Patches/Coins to trade if you like to do so

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