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Lifelong Friends

What does our LEU National Membership provide you?

  • Become an ambassador of our mission, vision and values

  • Ensure that those we support will have resources available to them, not just now but always

  • Join a network of members all over the country, most of whom become lifelong friends

  • Volunteer for a current open or a future leadership position to grow the organization

  • Give back to the law enforcement and survivor community

  • Membership provides access to event registration for all LEU sanctioned bicycle events, such as:

    • The Road to Hope, Virginia Division

    • The Road to Hope, Pennsylvania Division

    • The Road to Hope, New Jersey Division

    • The Ruff Ride

    • The FLETC Long Ride

    • The Tough Ride

  • Renewing members have access to event registration 30 days before new members

  • ALL participants who complete the Road to Hope, Ruff Ride or Tough Ride will receive a LEU finisher medal

While membership is on the national level, access to the event registration is limited by division and fills up fast!!! Do not delay in registering for your events!


All levels of membership to Law Enforcement United, Inc. are limited to:


  • Active or retired Law Enforcement Officer or Corrections Officer who is either sworn or is eligible for Public Safety Office’s Benefits (P.S.O.B.) by the U.S. Department of Justice


  • Immediate family member of a Law Enforcement Officer (L.E.O.) or Corrections Officer that died in the line of duty ("Survivor") who is eligible for Public Safety Office’s Benefits (P.S.O.B.) by the U.S. Department of Justice


  • Civilian (non-sworn/non survivor) that is sponsored by an active member of Law Enforcement United, Inc. who is an active or retired sworn Law Enforcement Officer or Corrections Officer, or a Law Enforcement United Survivor.  

  • All members & participants must be at least 18 years of age


Credentials must be available to the Executive Board or designee upon request for verification purposes. Credential requirements may include active department photo ID or verification of survivor relationship from C.O.P.S.. Civilian requirement would be a written (electronic or hard copy) letter from sponsor to the National Board.  

Members are required to adhere to Law Enforcement United Standards of Conduct, keep membership up to date, and meet all financial obligations to remain in good standing.


Members who register to participate in any LEU bicycle ride event do have to meet minimum fundraising requirements to attend, ensure their participation registration is up to date, submit all forms, and meet all deadlines. For more information, see our Fundraising Page.

Membership Dues

  • Membership pays annual dues of $50.00


Membership Renewals

  • July 1st is when annual membership renewals begin. Dues are $50.00 and due at time of renewal.

  • A 30 day grace period is extended to membership renewals. Financial hardships should be communicated to the National Board prior to July 15th for consideration of an extension or other arrangements.

  • On July 31st, any member that has not renewed their membership dues will be removed from the membership database and no longer active or eligible to participate in any LEU sanctioned events.

New Membership Applications

  •  On August 1st, Law Enforcement United, Inc. will begin accepting new member applications. 

  •  New member applicants have annual membership dues of $50.00 due at time of  application.  

  • All former members wishing to re-apply as new members must have left in good standing both financially and adhering to our standards of conduct to be eligible to begin membership. Review of application is subject to approval by the National Board.

Mechanics, Medics, Motor Membership Applications

  • Event Staff may be subject to further screening via application to determine if they have the required skillsets and time available to execute the event.

Become a LEU National Member Today!

Please ensure you read and understand all membership criteria prior to application.

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